Tips for college students finding apartments

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Finding a place to reside in Hartford is one of the most important things that students who are going to college face. Often residing on campus tends to be very costly; therefore most students prefer living in apartments. This article aims to tell you what you should you consider when picking out apartments hartford ct.

Close to campus:

It is a good idea to look for apartments that are located near to your campus. This is so that you can reduce transport costs that you will incur if your apartment is located far from your campus. If your apartment is located further away from the campus, then you will also waste time traveling, time that could be spent studying. You might also have to wake up early so as to reach for your eight o’clock class. This will then make you feel irritable and tired the whole day. If your apartment is located close to the campus, you can also relaxingly go back to your residence to rest when you have some lengthy breaks between classes. When your apartment is far away, then you will have to roam around campus during breaks.

You will feel tired when you finally go home and will not be able to study. If you forget something you can quickly drop into your apartment to fetch it, if it is close to your campus.


No doubt this is a vital point to consider when looking for an apartment. You need to be fully sure that it is in a secure location. You do not want to be attacked at night as you are coming from a tiring day. It is no use to pick an apartment that has cheap rent only to be living in constant fear of being robbed as well as attacked because the area where you apartment is, is unsafe. You should not have to be waste your precious time worrying about your safety and living under constant threat. What is the use to save the cash that might get stolen by someone robbing your apartment? You should not be worrying while you are sitting in class about whether your belongings are safe in your apartment.

Close to a Store:

It is a good idea to find an apartment that is located close to a market where you can also walk to. This is so that you always know that you do not need to worry about having less food as well as other products that are essential like shampoo, soap. You will know that you can quickly stop by at the store located in your apartment. This will also save you from wasting time going to a distant location just to purchase groceries or stationary. A small restaurant close by will be a blessing especially when you are too tired to cook and to feel extremely hungry. A drug store close by will also be beneficial as when you are feeling sick you can quickly purchase the medicines to make you better.

It is vital to thoroughly inspect the apartment before agreeing to stay in it. This is because you do not want to waste your time stressing over mundane things, like constantly blocked sink, tub, etc.